100 Spins of Roller Derby

March 28, 2012

Today we are going to present a 100 spins analysis of the Roller Derby online slot. Roller Derby was developed by Microgaming, and for test purposes we played at All Slots Online Casino. Before we get into the analysis, something needs to be said about Roller Derby and its entertainment value. This online slot follows the theme of well… Roller Derby! Where Roller Derby rocks, quite literally, is the soundtrack. We are talking full on thrash metal, with the volume cranked up high. In fact, this is the noisiest online slot we have ever reviewed, and it’s great fun to play because of this!

Roller Derby is a 5 reel, 25 pay line online slot. We played with a coin size of 1, and player all 25 lines at 10 coins per line; this gave a whopping wager of 250 coins per spin! We started off with 20,005 coins.

Roller Derby Wins

Out of 100 spins, we had 48 wins, and this is what we would expect from a 25 pay line online slot. Roller Derby is typical in that it follows the little and often win pay outs that we typically see with new themed online slots, its al about entertainment.

Roller Derby Biggest Win

We didn’t have any large straight reel wins, but we did do pretty well when we triggered the free spins feature, more on that below. This feature paid us a total of 4,270 coins, pretty respectable.

Roller Derby Scatter and Wild Symbols

The Roller Derby logo is used as the scatter symbol, and there is nothing new from a gameplay point of view here. Spinning in two scatter symbols anywhere on the reels results in a double wager win, and spinning in three or more scatter symbols triggers the free spins feature. We have to say though, that we had a double scatter win many times, it seems to drop in a lot. The wild symbols is a pink skate (yes strange we know) and unfortunately it may as well not be there at all, we only had a handful of wins which featured the wild symbol, it does not spin in very often.

Roller Derby Free Spins

The free spins feature is awesome. When triggered it gives 5 free spins, and every spin is a guaranteed win. At this stage the soundtrack is going wild, so much so we had to turn the speakers down. This is one of the coolest free spins features around.

We ended up with 9,325 coins, which means a net loss of an overwhelming 10,680 coins and this is where this analysis turns a little sour. We may have been very unlucky, but it did feel as if Roller Derby is a very greedy online slot. However, 100 spins is hardly a conclusive test, so give it a try at a minimum wager.

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