Asian Online Gambling Market

January 9, 2013

Gambling in Asia is one of those maybe things; in reality gambling is Asia is restricted by local Governments having separate gambling legislation. This same gambling legislation restricts online gambling and online casino operators in the same breath.

Whilst gambling, including online gambling remains illegal in many Asian countries, this does not stop people from enjoying online casino play, they simply install some form of VPN software and bypass the restrictions in place either locally, in the form of online casino sites being blocked, or from online gambling sites restricting access for certain countries.

However, we need to consider two very pertinent facts. Firstly, it is obvious that America, Canada and certain European governments have finally realised that it is far better to have a local online gambling market, serviced by locally regulated online casino operators. This provides a) some form of monitoring and regulation, and b) a huge chunk of revenue in the form of online gambling tax. Secondly, we need to think about the fact that South East Asia is current putting together the whole ASEAN infrastructure, which is very much like the European Union in the Western world.

If we look at both of the above facts together, it does not take a huge jump in logic to realise that Asia will almost definitely follow the example of Western countries, especially when it comes to making sure it grabs that huge online gambling tax revenue. Several counties in Asia already allow online gambling sites to operate, and have locally targeted online casino sites available. Other countries are staunch anti-gambling advocates, although people within these countries regularly sidestep local gambling laws to play at online casino sites. It just makes sense that these restricted countries will follow the same route as the U.S.A.

So we believe that in the coming year, and certainly by the end of 2013, we could see a massive Asian online gambling market emerge. There is a serious amount of money to be made by providing online casino play to countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, countries with a population that have an increasing amount of spare money in their pockets.

So watch this space, we really do think that certainly from the middle of 2013 onwards, we will begin to see more and more news items that focus on Asia. And by the end of 2013 we expect to see a vibrant online gambling market emerge.

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