Bankroll Management Tips

November 29, 2012

We have published several articles on the concept of bankroll management in the past, and in this article we are going to offer a few extra tips for online slots fans who take their online gambling seriously enough to be concerned about bankroll management.

Our first tip is something a little out of the ordinary. We are going to talk about the idea of keeping a small stake back, which can be used to keep you in the game, and possibly rebuild your bankroll should you hit a major losing streak. We would recommend hedging off around 10% of your entire bankroll and not using it for normal video slots play. This way, if your online gambling takes a turn for the worse, you have this small portion of funds left to start rebuilding your bankroll with.

Next up is a trick we are going to steal from professional online poker players. Specifically those online poker players that are known as grinders. A grinder is a type on online gambler who isn’t too worried about wining large amounts, they just want to stay in the game and build up either their rake back, or VIP scheme points. These they will cash in at a later date. When it comes to video slots, this can be achieved by chasing small wins, never hitting the gamble button or taking risks. The more you wager, the more rake back or VIP points you earn. This is a great way to make your bankroll got a very long way.

Finally, we introduce a concept which works well with online gambling in general, and specifically well with online slots. We use the technique above to build our bankroll, and instead of cashing in the profits, we spend them on playing high paying progressive slots. Don’t use your original bankroll for this, only the cash you have won on top of your original stake money. This gives you a chance at hitting a major progressive jackpot win, without depleting your working capital. At the end of the day it is progressive jackpot slots that are going to make you rich, and this technique is a great way to take a crack at winning a major progressive pay out, without risking your entire bankroll. All other video slots play up until this point is just to build this little pile of fritter cash to risk on high pay out slots.

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