Basic Bankroll Management for On-line Slots Players

December 7, 2011

Take a look at any on-line poker information site, you will find that bankroll management is a hot topic. On-line slots players should consider following this example to reduce the risk of “going broke” during their on-line slot session.

The idea behind bankroll management is very simple. It is designed to ensure that even when you hit a losing streak (and we all do from time to time), that you have sufficient stake money left to get over it and recoup your losses.

Unlike on-line poker, it is very hard for on-line slots players to get a useful view of their past performance, and thus calculate a bankroll management strategy based on this historic date. Instead, and on-line slots player needs to work a real-time form of bankroll management.

Luckily, this kind of real-time approach is really quite easy to operate. Below is a very simple system designed to keep you in the game longer!

First of all, decide how much of your overall bankroll you will risk during the current play session. If you have a $1,000 reserve, then a $100 play session limit might be appropriate, although the less you risk per session will increase the overall number of losing session your total bankroll can carry. Once you have made this decision, then stick to it. If you lose all $100, don’t dip into your cash reserves for more; write it off as a losing session.

Now the tricky part and this involves the player keeping track of the last three spins of the wheels. The rules are very simple though:

If the last three spins were all losing spins, then reduce your wager by one coin/credit or whatever token your chosen slots provider uses to measure the amount of the next bet.

If the last three spins were all wins, then increase your wager by one coin/credit or whatever token your chosen slots provider uses to measure the amount of the next bet.

This is on-line slots bankroll management at its most simple. If you identify a losing streak (three losing spins in a row) then you reduce your bet. If you identify a winning streak (three winning spins in a row), then you increase your bet. Most of the time on-line slots players will find that they are neither reducing or raising their wager, as hitting three losing spins or three winning spins in a row does not happen as frequently as most people may think.

So there we have it, a very basic bankroll management technique for on-line slots players.

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