Building Better Bonuses

May 16, 2013

Having just read about the tailored welcome bonuses that Bet365 online casino is offering new players, we thought it might be interesting to come up with some ideas for casino bonuses that really fit online slot players. Let’s face it, most bonuses, including the welcome bonus at an online casino site, are usually some form of deposit bonus. This is fine, but check out our ideas for online slot focused bonuses below:

Let’s start with a deposit bonus, and this could equally apply to a welcome bonus. Why not give online slot players an extra percentage? And then restrict the extra casino funds given as a deposit bonus so that it can only be used for wagering on video slot games. We all know that online slots have a house edge, so in theory, online casino sites could give a larger deposit bonus to slots only players and still make money.

Now let’s talk about the concept of a free slots tournament. These free slots tournament style bonuses are comment, but they have a significant drawback. The leader board driven style of slots tournament will always be won by the high rollers, the video slot players who wager high amounts of cash. So why no split a slots tournament into several tiers, with an upper and lower wagering limit, and then split the prize money between these tournaments? This would mean that casual players, and those that cannot afford to wager a vast amount, would still be in with a chance of winning something. Sure, make the prize money less in the lower tiers, but at least it gives the low rollers a reason to enter!

Now let’s talk about free spins. Free spins are a great casino bonus for video slot players, especially as they are usually given out as part of a casino promotion that is marketing a new slot launch. However, why not give online slot players the option of cashing in their deposit bonus for free spins instead? The options for slots that these free spins can be played on could be limited, and the value of the free spins would be higher than the standard deposit bonus.

These are just a few ideas for making casino promotions more attractive to online slot fans, and provide them with casino bonuses that really fit their preferred type of online gambling games.

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