Building the Perfect Online Slot

October 3, 2013

As an online slot player, if you are reading this, you probably have your own opinion of what the perfect video slot game should be like. Should it have a progressive jackpot? A great bonus feature? Or perhaps you prefer and online slot that focuses on free spins instead of a bonus feature? Below we are going to take a look at all the best gameplay features that might make up the perfect video slot game.

Progressive jackpot – that amazing, life changing networked progressive jackpot pool that makes overnight millionaires of players. However, progressive jackpot video slot games usually forgo other gameplay features, you can’t have it all, a multi-million dollar progressive jackpot pool as well as all the other gameplay features we have come to love.

Bonus feature – love them or hate them, the bonus feature has become the main gameplay mechanic for many online slot games, especially those themed online slots that aim to be fun to play. Inclusion of a bonus feature usually means that free spins are relegated to a secondary feature. Some people like chasing the bonus feature, others don’t.

Free spins – there can be no doubt that a great free spins feature can be an awful lot of fun. Free spins are almost always included in high paying video slot games, and usually a win multiplier is applied during these free spins. However, when a slot has a free spins feature, it seldom has a bonus feature as well.

Wild symbol – a traditional wild symbol acts to substitute as any symbol to make up wins. Almost every online slot games has this standard type of wild symbol. However, some slots take this further, with stacked wilds, shifting wilds and a whole host of other clever ways the wild symbol works. Usually, slots that feature advanced wilds work on the pay little and often premise, and don’t have a high paying jackpot, free spins or bonus feature.

Scatter symbol – almost every online slot has a scatter symbol, as this is the usually gameplay mechanic for triggering free spins. Usually, 2 scatter symbols pay a double wager win, whilst 3 or more trigger free spins.

So this is the list, the main gameplay features that are used by almost every slots developer. If you were building your perfect online slot, which of them would you choose to include?

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