Customizing Microgaming Online Slot Games

October 30, 2014

Online slot games come with default settings and you can play the game with these settings. But leading online casino software providers realize that players have different likings and therefore include customization options in their slots machines. If you are an avid slots player you can customize the playing area to your liking and derive greater enjoyment from the activity. The software provider Microgaming offers a fair number of customization options and some of them are discussed here. If you are a new player you should spend some time tinkering with these options to figure out which work best for you.

The process begins by clicking the customization options button located on the bottom tool bar. An Options set up box will be displayed on the screen. The first parameter that can be customized is the game speed. If you find the time taken for the reels to spin irksome and want to get on with the game, then activate the Quick Spin option in the Options set up box. This will make all the reels stop almost instantly. There is another option available in some Microgaming online slot games - Quick Spin in Free Spins. Selecting this allows normal play in the main game and quick play in the free spins.

The latest Microgaming video slots tend to be rich in graphics, audio and video content. These are best played on the latest computers to ensure high resolution and smooth action. On older computers these slot games may not run too well. If you are using a slightly older computer you should change the setting to Basic in the Options set up box. If you have the latest computer you may want to try the Enhanced setting. In some slot games this gives you an animated background with great visual appeal.

Online slots have different types of audio content. There is audio associated with the spinning of the reels; there is audio accompanying the winning combinations and there is background audio. Most online casino software providers club all audio content together and allow you to choose between all and none. In Microgaming online slots you can enable or disable each type of audio content individually. There is a Switch Off All Sounds option as well. You should play new slots games with all sound options enabled. It helps to get a feel of the game. You can take a call to switch off whichever audio content you do not want later. Many players like to play slots games listening to their favorite music.

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