Effects of Legalized Online Gambling in the USA

October 25, 2013

Today we are going to do a little musing, we are going to extrapolate the current situation with legalized online gambling in the USA, and try and come up with some possible effects to the global online casino market should this come about.

Now, online gambling being made legal in the USA might sound like science fiction right now, or does it? Let’s not forget that it was only around a year and a half ago that the USA literally kicked dozens of completely reputable online casino operators out of the country. Now, we have seen three states make online gambling legal for locally licensed online casino sites. New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are already cashing in on online gambling tax revenue. It looks like Philadelphia will soon follow suit, and so falls down the house of cards, this will be a ripple effect across many states of the USA this year. No local government can afford to lose out on its share of online gambling tax revenue, this is a surety.

So what would happen to the global market should this come to pass? Well firstly, many of the international online casino sites that currently operate offshore, cleverly sidestepping many legal issues, would have a problem. Put simply, the USA online gambling market is huge, and most online gamblers in America would flock to fully legal local online casino sites, leaving the offshore sites in droves.

Next we need to think of the online gambling tax that the USA would find itself cashing in on. With gambling tax flooding in, the USA will be able to afford to monitor and administer locally licensed online casino operator very closely. This would mean a whole extra level of security for American online gamblers. Another reason they would leave the offshore casinos and head home.

Now, let’s imagine that online gambling is made legal in the USA, and that online casino sites begin advertising nationally. There would be a massive influx of fresh online gamblers, leading to a disparity in the number of USA online gamblers to other nationalities. Online casino sites would begin to offer games and promotions that were more attractive for USA players, changing the international online gambling landscape for the rest of the world.

We do not think that online casinos will ever be legal everywhere in the USA, but we can certainly see a large percentage of states wishing to cash in on gambling tax. So soon, the global online casino arena will change, as Americans step up to the table and toss down their wagers.

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