Experimental Bankroll Management

January 26, 2012

There are plenty of good free online sources which talk about bankroll management for online slots play; there are even some good guides on this site. In this short article we are going to take a look at an experimental bankroll management system for online slots play which focuses on short duration play sessions, high payouts and above all fun!

For a lot of people who visit online casinos to play online slots, the real benefit is that they can play whenever they want. For some people this means grabbing a few minutes play time when they can, often several times throughout the day. The author of this article is in this same situation. The problem with short play sessions is that they do not suit a traditional form of bankroll management. Add to this the fact that if you are like the author, and only play for fun at fairly low stakes, a full bankroll management system can often be overkill.

So, what have we come up with here? It really is a very simple system. The backbone of it is that you bet a wager which can be supported for 20 losing spins by your current bankroll. However, when you hit the 50% mark, you reduce your bet to 50%, which leaves you with 20 spins at the new wager. When you boost your bankroll to a value which will support twice your current wager for twenty spins, you double up your bet. OK this sounds confusing, so maybe a little deeper explanation will work.

Let’s say you have $1,000 in your bankroll. This will support 20 losing spins at $50 a bet. So you start off betting a total of $50 (max reels).

If your bankroll every falls below 50% of the original amount, then half your current bet. So you would reduce your bet from $50 to $25, and would have bankroll enough to cover 20 losing spins again. If your bankroll dropped by 50% again you would reduce your wager to $12.50 and so on.

Now, if you began with a $1,000 bankroll wagering $50 a spin and you win enough to double up your bankroll to $2,000 you would then double up your wager to $100 a spin, and so forth.

Now this is a very easy bankroll management system to keep track of, as you can always calculate what your wager should be simple by looking at your bankroll balance. This is great for short duration sessions, as no count of spins, wins or losses needs to be kept.

The author of this short article has been testing this system for over a month across a range of slots at Jackpotjoy Online Casino with great results.

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