Free Spins for Big Wins

April 12, 2013

Most modern day video slot games come with some sort of special feature. These are usually either a side game type of bonus feature (most common on themed video slot games) or a free spins feature.

Most people would assume that the bonus feature type of video slot is going to pay out larger wins, simply because, well, it is named a bonus feature right? Well, whilst this is certainly true of some online slot games, we actually think that a good free spins feature, with a decent multiplier will always pay out more, and this is why:

Themed slots that offer a bonus feature are aimed at people who want to have the most fun while playing an online slot. So the bonus feature, usually some sort of side game, is meant to be interesting and compelling to play. The downside to this is that online slot developers tend to make the possible range of payout for a bonus feature quite flat. Put simply, you will always win around the same amount, give or take. However, when it comes to free spins, things are different, as we explain below.

A free spins feature has a much larger payout range. For a start, the number of free spins can vary, typically from 3 to 15 free spins. If you only get awarded 3 out of 15 free spins, you are not going to win anywhere near as much as you would had you been awarded all 15. Of course, hitting the maximum number of free spins is much rarer, and therefore the payout higher.

Now let’s add the multiplier into the mix. Typically a multiplier of 1x to 3x will be applied to free spins. SO using the same example if you are awarded only 3 free spins at a 1x multiplier, you are going to win far less than if you were awarded 15 free spins at a 3x multiplier. But again, hitting the maximum free spins of 15, and the maximum multiplier of x3 is very rare indeed. Therefore, on those occasions when the payer is lucky enough to hit the maximum number of free spins, and the maximum multiplier, they stand to win a significant chunk of cash. Much more than they would playing a themed video slot game with a side game bonus feature.

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