From Online Slots to Casino Slots

October 31, 2013

So you are an online slot fan, and you are heading off to a real world casino with some friends, and intend to play video slot games when you get there. What are the differences between online slots and real world casino slots? How is gameplay different? Well, below are a few tips to make the transition from playing at an online casino, to a real world one, less painful.

First up, consider for a moment the fact that online gambling usually takes place at home. So that means you have easy access to snacks, drinks, the bathroom and all of the other comforts of home. However, when you switch from an online casino to a real one, you are losing this luxury. Be prepared to spend additional cash on refreshments, and to have to take proper bathroom breaks from time to time, which will interrupt your video slot play.

Next let’s talk about wagering. If you are familiar with online gambling, then you know that your online casino balance is always visible. This makes bankroll management, and working out how much to wager, quite simple. However, when playing video slot games in a real casino, your bankroll will be in your pocket, and it is very easy to lose track of just how much you are wagering, and how much you have left. Best advice is to take things slow, and keep a running tally of your cash funds.

The actual video slot games themselves are surprisingly similar to online slot games. Indeed, some are exact replicas of their online slot counterparts. Overall, if you are familiar with how online slot games work, then you will find playing a video slot at a real world casino quite similar. One thing that is very different, is when you hit a big win, real cash comes pouring out, and this is a great experience.

You also need to consider the house edge when paying video slot games at a real world casino. Most online gambling operators set the house edge at their online casino site to 95% or more. At a real world casino, the house edge is often somewhat lower, simply due to the increased overhead of running a full blown casino. So keep this in mind when calculating your wagering and managing your bankroll.

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