Future Slot Features

July 21, 2012

Each month we review plenty of new online slot releases, and although they are all generally pretty good, they do all seem to contain versions of the exact same gameplay features. So we thought it would be fun to come up with a few innovative ideas which could be incorporated in to future online slots.

Are you tired of the sam

e old wild symbol functionality? Sick of scatter symbols just triggering the free spins feature? Maybe you are bored of the same old types of bonus feature side games, or wish that progressive jackpots could be paid out in a different way? Then read on, we have a few ideas for slots developers!

Wild symbols – Let’s make them completely wild! Depending on how many wild symbols spin in, the player would be given one chance per wild symbol to choose a new configuration of them on the reels. For example, if three wild symbols were to spin in, then three new configurations would be shown, each lasting a second each, with the player being able to hit a button and stop at the one they preferred. This would be new to online slots!

Scatter symbols – Make the scatter! Every time a scatter symbol spins in, any wins would be totaled up, and then the symbols around the scatter symbols would be randomly rearranged, which could trigger more wins for the video slot player!

Bonus feature – Make it a bonus! Instead of some kind of side game, why not have a randomly triggered bonus feature every win? This would take the original cash amount of the win as a basis, and allow the player to multiply it in some fashion, a bonus win!

Progressive jackpot – Let’s make it social! Instead of competing in a single progressive jackpot pool, players could add friends to their buddy list, and only friends on this list would contribute and share to a single progressive jackpot pool. Play with friends, compete with friends and win with friends!

These are just a few ideas for new types of gameplay features for video slot developers to start adding to new online slot releases, some may work, some may seem crazy, but all of them are entirely unique! Of all of these, we are particularly proud of the idea of a socially enabled progressive jackpot network, and we are pretty sure we will see this emerge eventually.

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