How To Choose Online Slots

December 31, 2015

There are more online slots than all other online games put together. A new player to online casino gambling does face the problem of how to choose from the online slots on offer. This article intends to throw some light on the process.

Most novice players probably do not make a considered choice. They go for the more recent slot games released, which are most prominently displayed at the online casinos. There is no harm in this because the players engage with the latest in online slots technology, both in terms of audio visual appeal and gaming features. Most online casinos have ways of featuring the online slots games that have endured over the years. This is through a most played games list or a big winners list or simply a featured slots list. Again the player is not making a considered choice, but is not losing out because he is wagering on the best of games.

At some point online casino players will start going through the complete list of slots games and making choices based on their personal preferences. The first criterion is most likely to be the theme of the online slot game because it is most visible. The best online casino software providers have slot games encompassing a wide variety of themes. If you love sports you will find plenty of sports themed slot games based on football, golf, tennis and more. Food, adventure, mysticism and romance are other popular themes. Today you can choose from branded slots featuring Marvel super heroes and a number of blockbuster films and television shows.

As you play more, you will understand the attraction of different gaming features and will start building them into your choices. The most common of these is the progressive jackpot. If you are playing online slots with the hope of hitting a life changing payout then you will select progressive jackpot online slots. Other features that merit consideration are free spins and bonus games. Many online casinos list their slot games according to these features so as to make it convenient for you to find suitable games.

Ultimately you will head to number crunching. There are two factors that are important. The first factor is the upper limit of the bet. The larger the bet, the larger the absolute payout will be. If you are a high roller you will be looking for online slot games with total bets of over $50 per spin. The more difficult assessment is the variance or volatility of the slot game. Conservative players go for low variance slot games where losses and wins are both small. High variance slot games can eat up your bankroll on unlucky days but pay handsomely if you are on a lucky streak.

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