Important Questions For New Progressive Slots Players

June 8, 2017

Progressive jackpot slots are those in which the top payout is not fixed but keeps increasing with every spin. In a few progressive jackpots slots this payout often goes beyond a million dollars when hit. Such hits make big news and attract new players to the progressive slot game. But before you jump on the progressive jackpot bandwagon there are a few questions that you need the answers to.

Are there any disadvantages of playing progressive slots?

The large payouts on hitting the progressive jackpots are compensated by small payouts in the normal course. This makes progressive slots high variance casino games. If you do not hit the progressive jackpot, there is little, but not zero, chance of winning more than you bet. The risks are greater in progressive slots, but so are the returns. If you are a conservative player, more intent on conserving your bankroll than going for big wins, then progressive slots are not perfect for you.

How do I choose which progressive slot to play?

The answer stems from the previous question. You have to be clear how much risk you want to take. There are progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah that pay on an average over $5 million but hit only four to five times a year. Then you have slots like Cash Splash that pay about $25,000 per progressive hit, but hit over 300 times a year. If you scan through the progressive jackpot slots offered by different software providers then you are sure to find one that is ideal for your level of risk and return.

What is the best time to start on a progressive slot?

Theoretically, a progressive jackpot has an equal chance of hitting on any spin, even if it has been hit on the previous spin. But when the progressive jackpot is close to its reset level then it is not attractive enough. As the progressive amount rises you can win the larger amounts with the same bet. Many slots players track the average payout of their progressive slot and start wagering when the progressive ticker is near about the average value.

How much should I bet per spin on a progressive slot?

Some progressive slots specify a minimum wager for you to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. In such cases you have to wager this minimum amount. The trend today is that progressive jackpots can be hit with any bet. But larger bets increase the chance of hitting the jackpot. In this case you go as high as your bankroll permits.

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