Is Zynga Setting the Standards?

April 19, 2013

Zynga took several months to actually get around to opening its pay to play online casino site after it announced that it planned to do so. Zynga was already the number one video slot app on Facebook at the time of the announcement. Back then, we predicted that if Zynga incorporated some of it’s tried and tested Facebook technology into its online casino site; it would set new standards for online gambling. We think this prediction has held true, as Zynga has really bought something new to video slot games with its new online casino site.

Most online gambling sites are similar; this is mostly due to the fact that just about every online casino operator licenses and online gambling software platform from the likes of Microgaming, Net Entertainment and Amaya. This means that most online casino sites are offering the same range of online gambling games. Sure, they might have a slightly different color scheme, and offer different bonuses and promotions, but each of these online gambling sites is essentially the same.

Then in walks Zynga, with several years of experience in developing online slot games that need to be addictive and fun to play, and with a host of technology behind it that was developed for use in its social online slot games, and other Facebook applications. Zynga then proceeds to develop a pay to play online casino site like no other. It incorporates everything it learned and developed from its years of experience gained as a Facebook developer, and creates a fresh, innovative and above all, fun to play online casino that is unlike any other in existence.

Zynga has really raised the standards in what we should expect form online slot developers. We need to wake up and realize that just about every new video slot game released by the big developers is just a rehash of old ideas. Sure, the theme and graphics might be different, but the underlying gameplay is the same. We should stop jumping on every new major online slot releases, as we should know by now that the latest blockbuster slot, is just last year’s redone with new graphics and sound, and whatever the trendiest theme happens to be this year. Instead, we should look to companies like Zynga, who have shown us that online gambling does not need to be stagnant, and with a little work, true innovation is still possible.

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