Jenga A Must Play Cryptologic Online Slot

January 21, 2016

Cryptologic was at one time an independent leading software provider. Today it is a part of the Amaya group. Cryptologic had created a category of unique games that visually had the look of arcade games but had an underlying online slots structure. One of the most popular of these was Jenga. It was based on a block game of the 1970s developed by Pokonobe Associates. The branded online slot has been developed under license from them.

In Jenga the usual 5x3 matrix has been replaced tower of blocks 18 layers high, with each layer serving as paylines. Jenga can be played in a 9 payline version as well. The symbols are rectangular blocks of different colours. When you land three blocks of the same colour in a layer you are awarded a payout. The payouts in coins are stated in a payout table in the usual manner. You are awarded additional payouts for blocks that connect to a complete layer of blocks of the same colour.

Magic blocks are the equivalent of wild symbols and change to the colour of surrounding blocks so as to make winning combinations. Layer Bombs are special blocks that remove full layers from the tower and replace them with new blocks on the top. You will be awarded a Bonus block for each block in a winning combination. These blocks are added to the top of the tower as blocks from winning combinations are removed. It is possible that the tower could collapse altogether and award a free game.

The betting structure is similar to online slots. You can play the 18 payline game or the 9 payline game. The line bet varies from $0.05 to $20. The minimum bet works out to $0.45 and the maximum bet works out to $360. The maximum payout per game is limited to 50,000 coins. At maximum coin size this is a whopping $1 million. Jenga also includes an Auto Play feature in case you want to sit back and watch the towers being built and broken. As in online slots, there is a standard Auto Play feature and an advanced Auto Play feature that can be customized.

One of the attractions of Jenga is its visual appeal. When you start the game, the existing tower on the screen twists and disappears and blocks start falling from the top to create the new tower. The background patterns are colourful as well and keep changing. So you have a riot of colour on the screen.

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