Legalize Online Gambling

July 28, 2012

The USA, and most notably the State of Nevada and the Nevada Gaming Control Board has been issuing US online gambling licenses to both online casino operators, and other companies operating within the online gambling marketplace. The UK, Ireland and Italy have each reviewed local online gambling legislation and the gambling tax position of online casino sites offering services within their borders. In light of these changes, we believe that smart governments around the world are waking up to the benefits of legalizing online gambling. For the dumb ones, we list some of the pros of overhauling gambling legislation and gambling tax.

Increased tax revenue – Online gambling is big business, and changing online gambling legislation to legalize online casino sites opens up an avenue for governments to gain a significant chunk of change in the form of gambling tax.

Tighter controls – By making intelligent changes to online gambling legislation, and setting up a strict code of requirements for the granting of online gambling licenses in much the same way that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has done, governments will have a far tighter control over which online casinos site and other companies can trade within the country, thus giving more control.

A first step towards talking the problem of online gambling addiction – Gambling addiction, and more recently online gambling addiction have become a major social problem in the last decade. By legalizing online gambling the local government is able to monitor and tackle the problem of gambling addiction. This works in much the same way as the concept of legalizing soft drugs such as cannabis.

Develop a local market – Currently many offshore online casino sites manage to attract huge chunks of the entire online gambling market. This is simply because they are the only online casinos available to residents of some countries, as online gambling is illegal in their home nation. By legalizing online gambling by making intelligent changes to gambling legislation and gambling tax laws, countries can bring this market back home, which will benefit the local economy instead of that of some small island nation or tax haven.

These are just a few valid arguments for the legalization of online gambling within every country around the world. We are sure there are equally as many arguments for not legalizing online gambling, but we are convinced that the major benefit will be had by making it entirely legal.

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