Middle Class Women Add to the Pot

January 31, 2013

Recent research indicates that middle class women now make up more than 50% of all online gamblers, and provide a significant chunk of online gambling revenue for online casino operators. With the online gambling market looking at hitting in excess of £2 billion in the UK alone in the coming months, this means that middle class women are paying out massive amounts of cash to fund their online gambling habits. This has been indicated as a social problem that could be even more damaging than alcoholism.

This same research tells as that more than a million people in the UK are at risk from suffering from some form of online gambling addiction, as the number of players at online casino sites continues to rise. This is of course good for the online casino operators, but not so good for the online gambling addicts that are bitten by this nasty bug.

The problem is compounded by the fact that many middle class women are stay at home types, quite often having to spend a large part of the day alone, whilst the husband is at work and the children are at school. This makes online gambling something of a soft puppy sell, as sitting playing at an online casino is a good way to pass the time. Of course, once again the online casino operators love this extra online gambling revenue, and go out of their way to target this kind of person.

The problem seems to be peaking now, a problem that began way back in 2005 when the Labour government in the UK abolished the laws that made advertising online gambling services and online casino sites illegal on the TV and Radio. So we now have prime time programming, targeting specific player demographics, in an effort to extract every last penny of online gambling revenue possible. And who are the typical demographic to spend the most time at home listening to the radio and watching the TV? You guessed it, middle class women. This is a completely closed loop in many ways, so it is not surprising to find that middle class women are currently the people most likely to suffer from some form of online gambling addiction. We can only hope that the government in the UK is wise enough to curb this nasty trend, or at least offer some support for sufferers.

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