Mobile Slots Guide

November 7, 2013

Over the last 12 months, mobile slots have been the fastest growing sector of the online gambling market. Advances in mobile device technology such as smartphone and tablet tech, mobile internet access and online casino software, have made high quality mobile slots a reality in a very short time. So, here is a short guide to getting the most from mobile slots.

The first thing to consider if you are keen to try mobile slots, it what kind of mobile device you are going to use. Either a smartphone or a tablet. A smartphone is more portable, but a tablet gives a better mobile slots experience due to the larger screen. Once you have decided between a tablet or a smartphone, you next need to choose the brand. Actually, brand isn’t the real consideration here, the operating system is. To be sure of having access to most mobile casino applications, it is best to stick with either Apple iOS or Google Android.

If you go with Apple iOS, then any of the iPad, iPod or iPhone products will be fine. Apple iOS users have access to the largest range of mobile slots games. On the other hand, Google Android is not far behind Apple iOS in the number of mobile slots apps that are available. Additionally, Google Android devices are often quite a lot cheaper.

Ok, now you have your device, either a smartphone or a tablet, running either Google Android or Apple iOS, you need some form of mobile internet access. This will usually mean 3G, or possibly 4G data services from your chosen cell phone provider. Be careful here, don’t go with the lowest rate data plan, is it is unlikely it will come with enough bandwidth allowance to enable you to download a large range of mobile slots. Look for something that gives around 3Gb or more data allowance per month, this should be fine for mobile slots play.

Lastly, you need to consider security. Do not ever save your online casino username and password on your smartphone or tablet. If you were to lose it, or it were to be stolen, it would mean that a complete stranger could log in to your online casino account, possibly deposit or withdraw funds, and basically cost you cash.

So there we have it, a very brief guide to getting the best from mobile slots play, using any of the modern mobile devices running Google Android or Apple iOS.

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