New Jersey Open for Business!

December 27, 2013

It is less than two months since New Jersey ran its short trial of legal online gambling within the state, and even less time since the trial was deemed a success and New Jersey allowed several major online casino operators to open their doors to the general public of New Jersey. In a very short time, we have begun to see masses of advertising appear, promoting these online casino sites for New Jersey citizens.

We all realized that once online gambling was made legal in New Jersey, that every online casino operator who had been granted an online gambling license within the state would begin to advertise their sites. However, none of us could have predicted the sheer volume of advertising that is flooding every conceivable advertising channel in the state.

Just about every conceivable avenue that could be used for advertising online gambling in New Jersey is being saturated with ads. This includes websites, television, radio and massive billboards in prominent places. This is a massive amount of advertising, and in some ways, this could cause a slight problem for the future of legal online gambling in the State of New Jersey, as it may force local people to start making a fuss.

1978. Donald Hoover, who is a Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson has gone on record as stating that, "They are using every angle, every traditional media angle they can. They are spending a lot of money advertising."

So we already have one well respected local citizen who is taking notice, and making public comment on the sheer volume of online gambling advertising these new online casino operators in New Jersey are blitzing the local market with. So it does not take much imagination to extrapolate the situation out, and see that the new legal online gambling market in New Jersey may hit troubled waters, unless it stops bombarding the local citizens with such an over the top volume of advertising in the state.

Unfortunately, the local online gambling market is a major cash cow, and also a kind of proving ground, that many other local governments in the USA are monitoring to decide whether legalizing online gambling is going to work. Unless the online gambling companies with local licenses can curb their greed, they may well be doing something that could damage to future of online gambling in the whole of the USA.

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