Online Gambling Becoming Respectable

November 15, 2013

If we go back just two years, and look at what happened in the USA, when major online gambling brands such as PartyPoker and Full Tilt Poker were literally thrown out of the USA, due to breaching local gambling laws. And the crazy situation that followed, with online gamblers in the USA who made their living playing at online casino sites having to actually move to a different country to continue earning their daily bread. We could have been forgiven for thinking that online gambling laws around the globe would get tighter and tighter, causing more problems for online casino operators.

However, it seems that an almost complete change of attitudes is taking place in many western countries. The state of Nevada in the USA set the stage around a year ago, by stating that it was amending online gambling laws, and entertaining applications for local online gambling licenses from online casino operators and other online gambling related companies, great new for online gambler ins Nevada for sure. This was closely followed by Delaware and New Jersey following the same example. Now, we have legalized online gambling in these three states. What a turnaround.

Now, let’s look at what is happening in the UK. Until now, online gambling advertising has been very restricted in the UK. However, both 32Red online casino and All Slots online casino are hoping to pick up fresh online gamblers bay spending massive amounts of money on TV advertising. 32Red has even partnered with UK broadcasting company ITV to produce an online slot game based on one of the popular shows the company broadcasts.

Now let’s move over to Canada. In the last year, several new online casino sites have opened that are operated by local aboriginal peoples, operated from within a recognized reservation. A very tiny loophole was exploited to enable this, a loophole that could have easily been closed. Instead, the Canadian government let things slip, and is also making noises about changing online gambling laws to allow other online gambling companies to operate within its borders.

We really think that when major nations such as the USA, UK and Canada are taking a much more lenient view of online gambling, then it is good news for us online gamblers. It will be interesting to see how the situation has matured by this time next year.

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