Online Slot Theme Suggestions

April 12, 2012

We reported on the launch of a new slot named Indiana Jane earlier this week, and in truth we found this pretty amusing. We can imagine a group of slots developers sitting around a meeting table and trying to come up with new ideas for video slots themes. Scratching their heads until somebody sticks up their hand and says “Hey! Let’s copy Indiana Jones but make him a girl, nobody will notice we ripped the idea off.” So we are going to help these slots developers out, by giving them some ideas for new online slots.

McEnroe’s Millions – This would be an online slot following a tennis theme, actually a John McEnroe tennis theme. Reel symbols would be things like tennis rackets, balls and that kind of thing. The bonus feature would be cool though. In the bonus feature, John McEnroe is upset by an umpire decision, and has to throw his tennis racket at the umpire. Every successful hit adds to the win pot, if he misses then he shouts “You cannot be serious!” and the bonus feature ends.

Condom Cash – An adult themed online slot, featuring prostitutes, old men in dirty raincoats and pimps with gold teeth as the reel symbols. The scatter symbol would be a pack of condoms. The bonus feature would involve trying to put on a condom. The player would have to slide the condom on inch by each, every successful inch would add to the win pot. If the condom splits the bonus round finishes.

Show me the Way to Go Home – In this online slot you play the part of a drunkard. Reel symbols would be cans of beer, packets of cigarettes, and the all-important bottle of champagne. The champagne symbol would be rare, and 5 in a row would win the progressive jackpot. The bonus feature would involve trying to walk down a series of winding streets to your home. This would be a multi stage bonus feature, if the player successfully navigates to their house, the next round would involve trying to put their key into the door lock. Too many misses and the Mrs turns up trying to hit you with a frying pan, if she does, then the bonus feature is over.

OK these are all pretty tongue in cheek ideas, but if slots developers can get away with renaming Indiana Jones to Indiana Jane and changing the sex and launching it as a new themed slot, then we think our ideas could fly!

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