Online Slots Security

July 7, 2012

So you are an online slots fan? Well that’s great, we all are here. But have you ever considered the fact that something could happen to ruin your fun? Internet crime is a large problem, everything from hacking and viruses to entire online identity theft, any of these could entirely ruin your video slots experience if you become a victim of them. We offer some advice on how to play video slots securely below.

Passwords Security

OK this is the big one, and it should be common sense for most people, but let’s reiterate it here just in case. Passwords should be made up of a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as numbers. Never use something easy to guess such as the name of your children or your pet dog!

Use Anti-Virus Software

Although a large majority of computer viruses are designed to cause as much damage as possible to a computer, there are some which have a far more sinister purpose. These types of viruses aim to capture sensitive information, such as user passwords, and send them back to the originator of the virus. For this reason, you must always ensure that your anti-virus software is enabled, and completely up to date.

Enable a Firewall

A firewall is designed to do one thing, to stop people gaining access (hacking) to your computer remotely. If a person were to be able to control or access you PC from a remote location without your knowledge, they could steal your passwords and other critical information. A firewall helps to stop people gaining access to your computer via the internet.

Exercise Common Sense

Possibly the best advice for video slots fans, when playing at their favorite online casino, is to use common sense to keep their video slots play secure. People who do not download files using something such as uTorrent, or do not visit spurious, barely legal websites are usually in no risk at all of suffering from any type of security issue.

So there we have it, a few tips to make sure that when you access your favorite online casino to play video slots, that your computer is kept secure at all times, and your passwords and other critical data is not exposed to internet criminals.

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