Playtech Branded Marvel Online Slots

July 10, 2014

In 2009 Playtech, the leading software provider to online casinos, signed an agreement with Marvel Movies. The agreement allowed Playtech to develop online slot machines based on the superhero characters of the movies produced by Marvel. Initially many of the popular superheroes were covered by Playtech in these branded slots. It then became a practice that whenever a new superhero Marvel movie was released, the corresponding Playtech slot machine was launched. Today the portfolio of Playtech Marvel slots includes titles like The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Ghost Rider, The Avengers and Elektra. Iron Man is by far the most popular Marvel superhero with three separate Playtech branded slots to his name. These can be played at Playtech online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino.

Because of the agreement, the Playtech Marvel slots use real likenesses of characters and gadgets from the Marvel movies. These are reflected in the graphics, video animations and sound effects and enhance the brand value of the slot games. The symbols on the reels relate to the nature of the superpowers, the alter egos of the superheroes, their favorite weapons and their archenemies. This makes these slot games extremely popular with fans of Marvel movies. Such players can enjoy premium time with their favorite superheroes and wager on slot games at the same time. The bonus games are also based on events from the movies.

Usually, each new Playtech Marvel slot introduces an innovative feature to slots machine gambling. The Marvel slot Blade incorporates the fantastic split symbol feature. Under certain circumstances, the superhero Blade will split a symbol into two resulting in a winning combination with a greater number of symbols and correspondingly a larger payout. The X-Men saga features a continuous battle between superheroes and super villains. The free spins feature in the X-Men online slot reflects this. It toggles between the Hero mode and the Villain mode giving online casino players an extended number of free spins.

All the slot machines belonging to the Playtech Marvel series are networked to the same progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot has four tiers of different values, one of which is sure to be hit when the bonus game is triggered. In the bonus game players have to reveal logos of the different jackpot tiers. Whenever three matching symbols of any jackpot tier are revealed, that particular jackpot is hit and the player gets the amount standing in that progressive jackpot. The largest of the Playtech marvel jackpots is Marvel Ultimate Power, which has a reset value of $100,000 and often hits above $1 million.

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