PokerStars on the Up

January 3, 2014

It’s pretty crazy how things turn out from time to time. If we look back just around two years ago, many of the major online gambling sites, and almost all online poker sites, including PokerStars took a massive hit. This was in the form of the sweeping efforts made by the US Government to close down online poker and online gambling sites in the country. Now, move forward to today, and things are looking healthier than they ever were, especially since New Jersey began allowing legalized online gambling and online poker in the state.

PokerStars was one of the online poker sites that was forced to pull out of the US online gambling market entirely, and it took a pretty bad hit to popularity when this happened. Now, in New Jersey, PokerStars is alive and kicking again thanks to the new online gambling laws in the state. This is great news for many USA based online poker players.

In the last week of 2013, the PokerStars brand was operating four of the top ten online poker sites in the world, and running almost ten times the number of live online poker game as its nearest rival, 888 Online Casino. This is a massive resurgence in popularity for PokerStars and much of this must be attributed to what is going on with online gambling and online poker in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. We actually think PokerStars will continue to be the best known online poker brand in the world, without a doubt.

When it comes to actual numbers, they looked something like this in the last week of 2103. PokerStars ran approximately 23,000 online poker games. 888 Online Casino ran around 2,700. iPoker Network ran around 2,600. Full Tilt Poker ran around 2,500 and PartyPoker ran around 2,100. So we can clearly see that PokerStars has a massive lead over every other online gambling site when it comes to online poker. Indeed, it ran more cash games than all of its competitors added together!

This is a pretty awesome comeback for PokerStars and a good indication of the online gambling industry on the whole. No doubt much of these new lease of life can be attributed to what has recently taken place in New Jersey. We really hope to see other types of online gambling sites doing equally well as the USA online gambling market begins to open up more and more.

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