Progressive Bankroll Management

November 12, 2012

Bankroll management is something that every online gambler needs to consider in one form or another. For people who simply play online slot games for fun, and at a very small wager, bankroll management can be as simple as only playing a set amount of funds per week or month. For other players, such as those that are hunting the big progressive jackpot wins, bankroll management is going to be much more complicated. We take a look at how progressive bankroll management can help every player have a greater chance of winning a life changing progressive jackpot.

The first thing anybody who is hunting a progressive jackpot win needs to do, is to make sure that their bankroll is as large as it possibly can be. This means looking around for the best welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, current casino promotions and any other forms of offer which give free casino credits, or casino credits at a reduced cost. Put simply, the more cash in your bankroll, the more spins you can make, and the more chances you have of hitting a progressive win.

Secondly, unlike players who simply spin the reels of fun, video slot players looking for a progressive win know that they have to wager a particular number of coins to have the best chance at winning a good progressive jackpot payout. This means that progressive chasers can easily work out exactly how many spins they have at their current level of bankroll. Simply divide the total funds in the bankroll, with a number of coins that must be wagered for every spin of the online slot they are playing and they know how many spins they have left before they go broke. This allows them to adjust their wager on the fly, as they always have a good idea of just how many spins they have left before their bankroll is empty. And they can lower their wager when things start to look a little bit shaky.

The two key elements for progressive bankroll management are stretching your bankroll is far as it can go, and then keeping a constant eye on the number of spins you have left it your bankroll, adjusting the wager is a downwards or upwards, based on how many spins you have left.

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