Progressive Jackpots In Playtech Dollar Ball Slots

October 9, 2014

Side bets with large payouts leading to progressive jackpots are common in online casino table games. But the leading software provider Playtech has introduced such a feature in some of its online slots. These games are subtitled Dollar Ball because the fixed bet leads to a lotto like game played with numbered balls.

The side bet is activated by clicking the Dollar Ball icon on the top right of the screen. You can also play the slot machine in the normal way without the side bet. If you play the game, you have to pick five numbers from 1 to 49. Numbers of your choice can be selected manually or you can opt for an automatic random pick. Once activated, this side bet game will be automatically played along with every spin with the same numbers, unless disabled or unless the selection of numbers is changed. The selected numbers are displayed at the top of the screen. While the slots reels spin, five numbered balls will be randomly drawn and will be displayed above the selected numbers. If any of the drawn numbers match the selected numbers, the win amount will appear on the screen. This amount will be added to the payout from the slots spin and credited to your account.

There is a separate payout table for the Dollar Ball wins. You can see this table on the screen that displays the main game payout table. The standard Playtech Dollar Ball games payouts are as follows. A match of one number returns the Dollar Ball bet. For a match of two numbers the multiplier is 2 and for a match of three numbers the multiplier is 25. A match of four numbers pays 1% of the progressive jackpot amount. A match of five numbers results in the entire progressive jackpot being hit. After the complete progressive jackpot has been hit, the balance is reset to the seed amount. For most games this is 10,000 times the side bet.

Some of the Playtech Dollar Ball slots games are very popular at online casinos. Captain’s Treasure features frequently on the winners’ lists at Playtech online casinos. It has a pirate theme which is helps in drawing traffic. A Night Out is enjoyed by female players. The slot game features three lovely ladies partying. The literary types will like Forest of Wonders, which is based on the Lewis Carroll novel Alice in Wonderland and features characters from the classic as symbols.

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