Quickspin Slots at Gala Coral

May 3, 2014

Gala Coral is the third largest gambling company in the UK. With over 30 real world casinos, almost 200 high street betting shops, and several online casino sites, it is a major corporation.

Gala Coral will be teaming up with Quickspin, the developer of unique video slot games, to add new online slots to the Gala Coral online casino sites. Quickspin will make several games available to Gala Coral, and the first of these online slot games is currently being converted to the UK market.

These Quickspin online slot games will be available in both downloadable and mobile slot format. And also, many of the Gala Coral locations in the UK will also have these Quickspin video slot games available on site, running within a cabinet style slot, very cool indeed.

Mark Kemp, E-Gaming Director at Coral has said that, “Being able to offer the best online & mobile slots games in our shops is an important part of our multi-channel gaming and single wallet Connect strategy. We have seen the quality & success of Quickspin’s innovative games as part of our offering online.“

Quickspin have done well to win this deal, as usually these larger deals go to one of the bigger online slot developers such as Microgaming. CEO of Quickspin, Daniel Lindberg commented that, “With our mobile games going live in the next few months we will be one of the first providers to offer games across multiple channels: web, mobile and retail.”

This is an interesting new move. Making the same video slot games available in retail establishments such as casinos, bongo halls and betting offices is a pretty clever move. It will help attract more players to the Gala Coral online casino site, as people who play these Quickspin video slot games in the real world, are more likely to want to play them again once they go home at an online casino site.

We will definitely keep an eye on this interesting new development, and we wonder just how long it will be before other major online slot developers start to think about signing similar deals with other real world gambling companies. However, this is a first, and Gala Coral and Quickspin are setting a new trend here, one that we think we will see grow in the coming months if it works out.

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