Second Screen Bonus Games In Online Slots

December 29, 2016

Today, one of the biggest attractions in online video slots is the bonus games played on the second screen. When this feature is triggered, usually through a specified combination of symbols, the reels go off the screen and a different setting is displayed. This has something to do with the theme of the video slot. You will be asked to perform some activities on that screen and will win random bonus credits based on the outcome. After the game is completed you will go back to the reels for the next spin.

The most common activity by far in bonus games on the second screen is picking objects. But these are constructed in many different ways and integrated with the theme of the video slot so that the interest is maintained. Microgaming has an online slot Queen of the Jungle in its portfolio in which the queen rules over her monkey subjects. It has three different pick object type bonus games on the second screen. The Monkey Fetch bonus displays 10 monkeys hanging from vines. You select three monkeys that climb up the vines and retrieve random bonus amounts. The Monkey Chop bonus has 12 coconuts lined up on the floor. You keep selecting coconuts and winning bonuses till you pick a booby trap, which is a coconut that does not crack open. In the Monkey Gift bonus you are given a single pick from 9 gifts. But if you do not like the bonus awarded, you can replace the gift up to three times.

An interesting variation of the pick objects type of bonus game on the second screen is seen in the Microgaming slot game Asian Beauty. Four Japanese ladies are the main symbols and in the bonus game each awards a payout. The question is which payout you will win. You keep picking from the mirrors displayed on the screen. Each selected mirror will convert to the icon of one of the ladies. When you match three icons of the same lady, you win the bonus awarded by her.

There are online video slots based on racing themes and they construct the bonus game in a different way. First Past the Post is a horse racing online slot from Microgaming. In the bonus feature you select one of three horses. Your reward depends on the position of your selected horse in a virtual race that follows on the screen. In this bonus game you are not awarded credits, but will win a number of free spins and a payout multiplier.

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