Secure Mobile Gambling

November 17, 2012

It seems every online casino is currently trying to find some way to allow online gambling at their site for players on the move. This is usually in the form of a specialized online gambling application developed for smartphone users, and people using pad computers such as the Apple iPad range of products. The problem is, these mobile gambling apps may not be secure as playing at home, so we give a few tips to help you keep your mobile gaming safe.

Firstly, whenever you log in to your mobile gambling app, make sure you do not tick the box that tells it to save your password. Why? Well, consider that the online casino site probably has your credit card info, and other personal data, if you were to lose your smartphone, and you ticked the remember me box, the person who picks up your device then has access to this critical information as well!

Secondly, beware of unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Sure, it can be tempting to jump on to the Wi-Fi hotspot you just noticed doesn’t have a password, but Wi-Fi is not a secure protocol, you may just be a fish taking the bait when you do this. Stay away from unprotected Wi-Fi networks when you are using a mobile gambling app.

Possibly the best thing you can do when using a mobile gambling app to keep safe, is to simply never make a deposit or withdrawal using your mobile device. This way, there will be no data left on your smartphone which a thief or a person who picks it up after you lose it, can use to gain access to your private information and data.

As with all forms of security, common sense is your best weapon. Take care of your smartphone, and don’t take unnecessary risks and you will avoid most of the risks involved in using a mobile gambling app naturally. However, if you suspect that your security has been breached, be sure to contact your online casino site right away, and it also may be beneficial to inform your credit card company or bank that you think your card information may have been stolen. Identity theft and internet fraud are common crimes, you need to make sure you are protected at all times.

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