Should you Join More than One Online Casino?

June 14, 2013

So you are getting serious about your online gambling, and have been checking out a number of online casino sites, trying to decide which is the best to play online slot games at. It is likely you have found several great online casino sites, and now you have to decide which to play at. Or do you?

There is a good argument for actually becoming a member, and actively playing at more than one online casino site. However, this is often a double edged sword, bringing benefits but also negative aspects.

On the plus side, the more online casino sites you use for your online gambling, the more welcome bonus packages you can claim. A welcome bonus is usually the top, one time only bonus that an online casino site has to offer, so it is worth taking advantage of.

On top of the welcome bonus, you will also be able to take advantage of any deposit bonus on offer at each online gambling site. These despot bonus schemes change regularly, the percentage offered goes up and down, so playing at more than one online casino site means that you will be able to pick the best paying deposit bonus to use at the time you make your deposits.

So on the plus side of signing up for multiple online casino sites we have multiple welcome bonus offers, as well as access to a range of deposit bonus schemes. Now let’s move on to the negative aspects.

Online casino operators are not stupid, they know that people will shop around to get the best bonuses, and extract every bit of value from the casino funds they deposit. So these smart companies have come up with a way to stop people jumping ship every time a better bonus is offered. They have come up with the idea of the casino tournament. This is a special kind of casino promotion, where players earn points for every wager they make at the online casino. At the end of the month, the top performing players, earning the most points, share a major cash prize between them. Obviously, this means you need to keep playing at the same online casino all the time to earn the mist points.

So, what we can say is, that if you do not spend very much at an online casino site each month, and therefore are unlikely to win or be placed in a casino tournament, then it is still best to play at multiple online gambling sites. If you do wager quite large amounts monthly, then sticking to one online casino and trying got the casino tournament pay out might be better.

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