Slots Play Styles

October 17, 2013

When it comes to online slots play, all online gamblers are not equal. Depending on the type of person playing the video slot games, and their preferred way of having fun, they will play slots in a different way. Below we take a look at the main online slot gameplay styles.

Progressive Jackpot chasers – these are the people that are out for that big win, the online gamblers that are really hunting a massive progressive jackpot payout. Usually, these are high rollers, betting the maximum amount on each spin, so that they have the best chance of winning the largest progressive jackpot possible. Why do they do this? Just look at some of the massive progressive jackpot payouts we have seen in the last year or two, often $10 million or more.

Classic slots players – these are the people that enjoy a very basic video slot game, and are quite happy with limited gameplay features. Classic slots usually have three, or maybe five reels, and only around nine pay lines. There is no bonus feature, there is no free spins feature. There may be a wild symbol, although most usually there isn’t. In contrast to the Progressive Jackpot chasers, people who play classic slots tend to wager less per spin.

Bonus feature junkies – people who like playing video slot games for fun, will most usually play one of the excellent themed online slot games that every online casino offers. These kinds of online gamblers enjoy the free spins, or bonus feature, which is usually graphically pleasing, and extremely fun to play. As a side note, some bonus features can be very high paying as well. In many ways, people who enjoy playing themed video slot games for the bonus feature, fit between the progressive Jackpot chasers and classic slots players, wagering somewhere in between.

These are the three basic styles of gameplay that online gamblers tend to exhibit when playing video slot games. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list. At the end of the day, it’s up to you, the online gambler, to decide what you find more fun. Would you rather chase that massive life changing progressive jackpot win, are you happy with a simpler slots game, or are you in it for the fun? Depending on what your answer to these questions are, would tell you what kind of slots player you are.

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