Starting Slots – Preparation

November 21, 2012

In the latest of our series of starting slots article, our new online slots player is going to prepare to start playing video slots at Sky Vegas online casino. Before registering for the site and making a cash deposit, our player wants to make sure that their PC is secure and safe to use for online gambling, so they are going to do a little system maintenance.

First comes a full virus scan using up to day anti-virus software. This will make sure that the system is not infected with any viruses or malware which could cause a security shortfall. Whilst some viruses are more troublesome than harmful, some, such as key loggers, could store and send important information such as credit card details, when our new player makes a deposit at Sky Vegas online casino, so this virus scan will make sure that everything is safe.

Next, our new video slots player wants to make sure that the Wi-Fi network they have set up at home is secure, and that there is no chance of intrusion from outside. This means upgrading the wireless router firmware to the current build, and then changing the current password to make sure secure Wi-Fi is available.

Next, our new slots player is going to update their operating system using Windows Update, to make sure that all potential security holes are fixed and patched. They are also going to update their web browser (Google Chrome) to the latest version for the same reason.

These three steps have made sure that a) the system is free of viruses or malware and b) any security vulnerabilities in either the operating system or the web browser have been fixed. We now have a complete secure PC system, and a secure Wi-Fi network, which will make sure that online casino play is safe and secure.

In our next article, our new video slots player will be registering with Sky Vegas online casino, and making their first cash deposit, to hopefully pick up both the welcome bonus, and any deposit bonus which is on offer at Sky Vegas online casino. So check back next week for the next installment of our starting slots series of articles. Soon we will be moving on to the actual online slot play, and things should become a lot more interesting as out new player tries to strike it rich and hit a progressive win!

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