The Best Bonuses

July 29, 2012

Online casino operators have one single thing in common from a marketing viewpoint, they all need/want/try to attract new customers by offering casino promotions and casino bonuses. There seems to be just a handful of marketing strategies used to do this, and a similarly limited variety of basic bonuses offered, we look at each below:

Deposit bonus – This is by far the most common type of casino promotions we see, and for good reason, a deposit bonus appears to give a huge amount of free cash to a player. However, consider the fact that this is not real money, this is simply credit to be played at the online casino, and will come with a wagering requirement of 25 or more times, and it is highly unlikely any of this virtual cash gets turned in to real cash as a withdrawal. So although this is the most common type of casino promotion, it is also the least generous.

Slots tournaments – This type of casino promotions is actually not really named very well, as it is less of a competition style tournament, and more of a running tally of which players spend the most cash. However, we do think that this type of casino bonus is a lot more honest and sincere than the example of the deposit bonus above. Overall, a good slots tournament is a great form of casino promotion.

Free prize draw – These are out and out the best and most honest type of casino promotions available, and they are also the most rare. Typically a free prize draw will offer either a significant cash prize (most common) or a real world tangible item such as an iPad or possibly a vacation. This kind of real world prize is hands down the best, as it is not simply free virtual money conjured up by the online casino and restricted from withdrawing by applying a wagering requirement.

These are the three basic models for casino promotions and casino bonus schemes, although they are often combined as a package to create a specific set of bonuses under a themed promotion. Overall, we favor the free prize draw over slots tournaments and deposit bonus options, simply as they offer a real world tangible prize that has value, not simply virtual credits at the online casino running the promotion.

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