The Effects of Legal American Online Gambling

February 27, 2013

With both Nevada and New Jersey legalizing online gambling this week (and who would have thought it?), we take a look at some of the long term effects that legalizing online gambling across the U.S.A. would have.

Better control – Right now, many American citizens get their online gambling fix by playing at off shore online casino sites. Obviously, these sites are not regulated by the US Government, and it is impossible for any US Government departments to monitor the safety of these online casino sites. By changing gambling law to allow local online casino operators, the US Government can monitor and regulate them completely. A major benefit and a great argument for legalizing online gambling in the U.S.A. in its own right.

Increased gambling tax revenue – Let’s face it, the U.S.A. needs every extra cent that it can pump into its economy right now. By making online gambling legal across the country, billions of dollars in gambling tax would be gained each year that currently leaks away to other countries that host off shore online casino sites.

Increased enterprise – If local online casino sites open, then there will also be a requirement for more third party companies to operate within the U.S.A. Everything from online casino software developers to payment processing gateways. Legalizing online gambling in the U.S.A. will kick start an entirely new section of the commercial economy.

Decreased social implications – Right now, most American citizens who play at off shore online casino sites are exposed to a high risk, with zero in the way of control. By opening up the local online gambling market the effects of online gambling (such as addiction and financial overspending) can be closely monitored and controlled. Once again, this is a very valid reason for changing gambling law in the U.S.A. in its own right.

When we look at the major long term effects of changing gambling law to make online casinos legal in the U.S.A. then we can see that there are benefits to be had on every front. From increased cash flow in the economy through more gambling tax revenue, to making sure that the American population is protected when they choose to enjoy online gambling. So what is the delay? More states should follow the example of Nevada and New Jersey and legalize online casinos site immediately.

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