The Perfect Christmas Casino Promotion?

December 21, 2013

Visit any online casino right now, and you will undoubtedly be greeted by masses of advertising, all about the current Christmas casino promotion on offer. This time of year the online gambling market goes promo mad, in the lead up to the holidays. So we come up with some ideas for the perfect Christmas casino promotion for online slot fans.

OK let’s start with setting the theme. We think that the perfect Christmas casino promotion, for online slot players, would see the online casino site following the whole twelve days of Christmas theme. So this means that online gambling related bonuses would be on offer for the whole 12 days leading up to Christmas day, a different part of the casino promotion each day.

We could start small for the first parts of this Christmas casino promotion. Possibly a few free spins on a popular online slot, or a small deposit bonus, or possibly a few extra VOP points for online slot players who a member of the VIP scheme at the online casino. Then we could lead up to larger and larger prizes. And of course, the largest prize of all would be given on December the 25th, on Christmas day.

But this all sounds a little boring doesn’t it? So how could the online casino site spice things up, and make it more interesting for online slot players? Well how about having a Christmas calendar, the kind with the little doors you open each day? So the online gambling site offers the standard prizes behind each door, which the player opens once a day, up until Christmas. But also, when opening a door on the calendar, the player also has a chance to win a random cash prize, or anything else that is of a higher relative value than the expected prize.

And on Christmas day, the final part of the casino promotion would see the online casino offering a major cash prize, to a single player who is lucky enough to find it behind the last door on their Christmas calendar.

So that’s about it really, this is out idea for a great Christmas casino promotion that an online gambling operator could run, that would be fun to be involved in, and reward players at the online casino site for the previous year’s patronage. A fun casino promotion that we would all enjoy.

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