The Playtech King Kong Online Slot

December 15, 2016

King Kong has been around since 1933, when he first appeared in the original King Kong movie. King Kong was a giant ape captured in Skull Island and taken to New York where he wreaks havoc before he dies. A poignant aspect of the story is his falling in love with an actress who was used as a bait to lure him into captivity. This icon has appeared in comics, video games, theme parks and theatre. Most of the leading online casino software providers have online slots based on King Kong.

The best of these is the branded slot game from Playtech. It has been developed in conjunction with Universal Studios and is based on their theme park Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World and their 2005 award winning film King Kong. As in many branded slot games, the characters from the movies are depicted in their real likenesses as symbols on the reels. King Kong fans will love the clips from the movie played in the introduction and during bonus features.

The gaming features in Kong online slot are equally attractive. The story has been described as an epic clash between two worlds and the video slot is played in two modes. In the Jungle Mode the reels are set in the dense jungles of Skull Island. The characters are depicted in clothes that they wore in this part of the story. The playing card icons are shown made from rugged stone. In the Big City Mode the reels are set in New York. The characters are elegantly dressed and the playing card icons are designed as neon lights. The game automatically toggles from one mode to the other through designated bonus features.

Three or more game logos in the Jungle Mode trigger the Skull Island Bonus. The second screen shows a map of Skull Island. You keep picking locations till you match three dinosaurs or King Kong. Your bonus award depends on the creature matched. From this bonus feature you advance to the Big City Mode. There you similarly trigger the City Tower Bonus. King Kong is atop the tower and is attacked by planes. You take down three planes and win bonus credits. Then you go back to the Jungle Mode.

King Kong is the wild symbol and awards the highest line payouts. Three or more scattered Kong symbols award three re-spins. In each mode these have different benefits to offer. Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World is live at Playtech online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino.

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