The Progressive Blues

April 9, 2012

There is a niche of online slots players who only target the large networked progressive jackpot pools. This kind of online slots player will move from online casino to online casino, chasing the current largest progressive jackpot. However, from time to time, either all of the big jackpot networks are hit at the same time, leaving very little in the way of current ripe jackpots. Or a person’s subset of progressive slots are all empty. What can an online slots fan do while their favorite progressives are still topping up? Below we present a few ideas for jackpot chasers to amuse themselves whilst waiting for the large networks to refill.

Switch to themed slots – Almost all of the large progressive pools are only accessible by playing classic style slots. These are very basic online slots; with few win lines and nothing much in the way of bonus feature side games. So for a bit of a change, why not switch to playing themed 3D slots for a while? These are usually a lot more fun to play, offering many small wins over 25-30 win lines. They also come with some fun bonus features and side games. By the time the progressive pools are filling up again you will have had a nice break from what can be boring classic slots.

Change the game – Why not switch to another form of casino game with a decent progressive jackpot available? Probably the easiest casino game for slots players to switch to is bingo. Some of the larger online bingo jackpots are approaching the same size as many online slots jackpots. Switch to bingo and still have a chance at hitting a jackpot, and also receive a nice change of pace by playing an entirely different type of casino game.

Take a break – Some jackpot chasers spend hours every day playing pretty basic slots. This can be a pretty boring and repetitive pastime. Why not step away from the computer for a while until the jackpot pools start to hit a decent level? Spend time with your family, go out and socialize anything to give you a break from the keyboard.

These are just a few ideas on how online slots players can overcome the progressive blues when their favorite pools are empty. Don’t forget, it doesn’t take long for these progressive jackpot slots to fill up again, so take advantage of the downtime and try something different.

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