The State of Online Slots in Spain

February 8, 2013

The Gambling Authority of Spain is considering making playing online slots at an online casino legal within the country. Currently, online gambling in Spain is illegal, and this forces many Spanish online gambling fans to play at off shore online casino sites, which means that they are not as protected as they would be from a financial and security viewpoint, as they would be playing at a local online casino. No doubt this is the reason why the Spanish Gambling Authority is now looking at making video slots legal to play on local online casino sites.

A spokesman for the Gambling Authority of Spain has stated that the country is in no real rush to legalize online slots, and will not make a move until it is entirely sure of the ramifications of changing online gambling law to facilitate online casino sites providing video slots for Spanish online gambling fans to play.

We need to consider something though. Only online casino operators that have been licensed by the Spanish authorities will be allowed to offer online slots for Spanish people to play. So this will not be an overnight roll-out of local online casinos. Instead, there will need to be time taken for online casino operators to pally for, and receive, an online gambling license in Spain.

On top of this, established online casino operators are being invited to approach the Spanish authorities to offer help and advice on how the country can most easily move forward with these proposed changes, and make video slots legal in the country. Again, this is something that is going to add significantly to the timescale involved in making online slots available to the Spanish public.

Overall though, this is really great news not for only Spanish online gambling fans, but any European person who is hoping that video slots will be made legal in their country. The more nations that do as Spain is looking to do, and legalize this fairly harmless form of online gambling, the more chance there is that other nations will follow suit, and open up the European online gambling market significantly.

So we will watch closely, and let you know what happens with this move towards legalizing online slots in Spain, and just when this is going to happen, and how.

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