Tips for Top 2013 Jackpots

January 10, 2013

Well, 2013 is underway, and we thought that right now, it might be interesting to make a few predictions about the top paying progressive jackpot online slot games in the coming year. We didn’t see so many massive progressive jackpot wins last year, certainly not as many as we did in 2011, so we think that 2013 could be a bumper year for progressive slots. So, without further ado, here are our top picks of progressive jackpot slots to keep an eye on in 2013!

First up is The Dark Knight. This is the latest blockbuster Microgaming progressive slot, based on the newer Batman movie franchise. The Dark Knight was developed to replace the incredibly popular Lord of the Rings video slot that Microgaming had to stop providing to its licensees, as it had itself lost the license to operate the game. The Dark Knight has a huge potential to deliver some massive progressive wins. We actually tip this online slot to be the possible next world record breaker.

Next on our list is Megah Moolah. What can be said about this almost legendary progressive slot? Some of the largest progressive jackpot wins in the last two years have been paid out by Megah Moolah, and it still features high up in the list of most popular video slot games every month. Megah Moolah is a solid slot game that has the potential to deliver some massive progressive pay outs in the coming year.

Just like Megah Moolah, Major Millions is another solid progressive slot that has consistently paid out some very good progressive wins. We actually think that Major Millions has not hit its full potential yet, and as more and more people turn to online slots as their favorite form of online gambling, then we expect to see Major Millions start to pay out ever increasing progressive jackpots.

Beach Life is our final pick for progressive slots to keep an eye on in 2013. Why did we pick Beach Life? Simple because this is the current world record holder for an online slot paying out the largest progressive jackpot. It would simply be ridiculous to miss Beach Life off any list of progressive slots to keep an eye on in 2013. Beach Life is a video slot game that has made dozens of people into a millionaire overnight.

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