Understanding Microgaming Respin Online Slots

October 19, 2014

Online slots players who like a bit of challenge should try out Microgaming online slots from the Reel Gems and Retro Reels series. You will need to do more than simply select the betting parameters. These slot machines have a Respin feature, which compels you to make a decision after each spin. They are live at Microgaming online casinos like All Slots and Royal Vegas.

The Microgaming Respin feature has its genesis in a situation frequently encountered by online slots players. You have like symbols on an active payline in the last four reels. A different symbol on the first reel has robbed you of a bumper payout. With the Respin feature you need not curse your bad luck. For a stated price you can spin the first reel again keeping the rest of the reels fixed. You have to decide whether the asking price is worth it.

On the screen you will see a Respin button is displayed below each reel. You select the betting parameters and make the first spin in the usual manner. After the spin you will see a value displayed on each Respin button. This indicates the price to be paid for spinning only that reel, keeping the other four fixed. You will also notice that the cost of the respin is not the same for all reels. If the likely benefit is more for a particular reel, then the cost of respin will be more for that reel.

The Respin feature is optional. If you feel that the Respin values on the reels are too high, you can proceed with the next spin by clicking the Spin button and setting all the reels in motion. However, should you decide to respin a particular reel, you will have to click the Respin button below that reel. The additional stake only will be deducted from your account. Only new wins as a result of the respin will be paid out. The Respin buttons will then display new values based on the new configuration of symbols on the reels. You can repeat the Respin process any number of times but will have to pay the additional price each time.

You must note that the Respin values are for the given betting parameters. If you change any of them, the Respin values will be eliminated and you will start from scratch. However, if you return to these betting parameters the relevant Respin values will be restored.

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