Understanding Online Fruit Machines

August 14, 2014

At a time when gambling was not permitted in British pubs a special type of slot machine was available for playing. Since winners could not be paid in cash, they were compensated through fruit flavored chewing gum dispensed by the machine. These slot machines were known as fruit machines or pub fruities. There were also referred to as AWPs, which stood for amusement without payment. Fruit machines were in the classic three reel format with some additional features. Leading online casino software providers offer fruit machines in their portfolios.

The two most common features of online fruit machines are Nudge and Hold. The Nudge feature is offered randomly by displaying “Nudge” below any reel. You then have the option of nudging the reel down by one position. By doing this you may get a winning combination in the payline. The Hold feature also appears randomly. The reel marked Hold is fixed while the other two reels are spun again. No additional bet is required to activate these features.

The Cash Ladder is a more exiting feature in the online fruit machine. The first win activates the first rung of the Cash Ladder. You then play a Hi Lo game and have to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower. If your guess is right then you will climb up one rung of the Cash Ladder. If your guess is wrong then you will return to the main game empty handed and the Cash Ladder will be reset. As you keep climbing the cash ladder you will be offered better prizes. At any rung you can claim the prize and quit the Cash Ladder or try to climb to the next rung. If you reach the top rung of the Cash Ladder you will be entitled to a Cash Pot, which is like a jackpot prize.

The Feature Board is another exciting feature in the online fruit machine. It is activated by a specified combination of symbols appearing on the payline. A random is number generated and you move that many spaces on the Feature Board. You will get the benefit provided on the square that you land. You could be moved one rung up on the Cash Ladder, or the jackpot of the Cash Pot could be increased or special feature games could be activated. But all the squares on the Feature Board are not good. It also contains squares that terminate the feature.

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