Understanding Online Slots Tournaments

August 7, 2014

Many online casinos offer slots tournaments on a regular basis. Instead of simply competing against the online casino, these tournaments allow players to directly compete against each other and are therefore more exciting. In online slots tournaments all players start with the same chip balance and in a given time frame have to maximize this balance. The players cannot take home their closing chip balance, but the winners share the prize pool as indicated in the tournament rules. There are different types of slots tournaments at online casinos and some of the most common classifications are explained here.

Online slots tournaments in which players do not have to pay any amount to enter are known as freerolls. These are usually meant for newbie players and offer small prize amounts. From time to time online casinos offer freeroll tournaments as promotional events with attractive prizes. Normally you would have to pay a fee to enter the tournament. This is referred to as a buy in. The amount of the buy in would depend on the prize amounts. In the simplest online slots tournaments if you lose your starting chip balance you are out of the race. Many of the tournaments at online casinos are rebuy events. In these you can buy another stack of chips for an additional fee and continue playing.

In most online slots tournaments the prize amount is shared by a number of players who register the highest scores on the leader board. The prize amount can be designated in one of the two following ways. The online casino guarantees the total prize amount and indicates how it will be shared. Then once the required number of players enter the tournament, the online casino will disburse this fixed amount to the winners. Such events are known as guaranteed prize pool tournaments. In the other option the prize amount is not announced before the tournament. The sum total of the buy-ins and the rebuys constitutes the prize pool. These online slots tournaments are referred to as playing for the pot.

The bigger online tournaments are usually multi-level events. A large number of players enter the first round. There the players with the lowest scores are eliminated. A predetermined number of players with the highest scores go through the next round. In the mega events at online casinos there may be three or four rounds that may span a few months. Sometimes players eliminated in the earlier rounds are allowed to enter the later rounds by paying additional amounts. Such tournaments usually have grand prizes and are eagerly awaited at online casinos.

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