Understanding The Bonus Bet In Cryptologic DC Slots

December 18, 2014

Some online slots players like to wager small amounts per spin and are satisfied with relatively smaller wins. Other players are prepared to wager large amounts in the hope of winning big. One innovative method of catering to both types of players in the same slot game is to incorporate an additional optional bet that unlocks features with the potential for higher payouts.

This concept is incorporated in a series of slot games by the software provider Cryptologic. These branded slots are based on DC Comics super heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. The concept is executed through a feature described as Bonus Bet. When the Bonus Bet is activated all paylines are enabled and 10 additional coins are added towards the Bonus Bet. You can also play these slot games in the normal manner without the Bonus Bet activated.

When the Bonus Bet is activated a bonus game on the second screen has the potential to be triggered. If the Bonus Bet is not activated this bonus game will not be triggered. You must bear in mind that the Bonus Bet being activated is only an enabling condition. Even after that, the scatter symbols have to appear on the reels as required in order for the bonus game to come into play.

The bonus games in these DC Comics branded slots are thematic and very exciting. Each slot machine has a different bonus game. In Superman Save the World Feature the super hero destroys missiles let loose by Lex Luthor and wins bonus credits. Then Superman faces three doors, with Lex hiding behind one of them. If you guess the right door you will win 100 times the triggering bet. In Batman Descent Into Madness Feature, Batman targets a number of inmates in order to win bonus credits. Then if he succeeds in capturing the Joker, you will again win 100 times the triggering bet. In the Wonder Woman Ares Showdown Feature the bonus game on the second screen involves three duels between Ares and Wonder Woman. If Wonder Woman wins all three then you receive 100 times the triggering bet. In each case if the outcome is not entirely favorable you will still win smaller payouts.

It is impossible to tell with mathematical certainty whether the Bonus Bet will provide larger average returns in the long run. Fortunately InterCasino, the online casino where these games are live, allows you to play for free. You should do so and take your own call based on the results.

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