Understanding The Gamble Game In Online Slots

August 28, 2014

Many online slot machines offer a feature known as gamble game. This feature can be optionally activated after any spin that delivers a payout. You can stake a part or the entire payout from the spin in this gamble game. If you then win the gamble game your staked amount is multiplied as per the rules. However, if you lose the gamble game then you will lose the staked amount altogether. You can always collect your payout and move to the next spin without activating the gamble game. But because this feature has no house edge many players find it attractive.

Microgaming is one of the online casino software providers that offers a gamble game in many of its slot machines. Here you are required to stake your entire payout won in the slots spin. The gamble game provides an option. You can try to double the staked amount by guessing the color of the next card. Or you can try to quadruple the staked amount by guessing the suit of the next card. If you make the wrong guess you lose the staked amount. You can repeat the gamble game till you lose or till the gamble game limit is reached.

The software provider Playtech also offers a gamble game in some of its online slots. This feature is also optional, but the structure is different. You need not stake the entire payout from the online slots spin. You have a choice of staking half the payout and collecting half of it. Collecting half the payout is a wise option because it prevents you from losing everything should you not be lucky. At the same time it gives you an opportunity to go for higher winnings. In the Playtech gamble game five cards are dealt on the screen. The first one is face up and the remaining four are face down. You have to pick one of the face down cards. If your chosen card is higher ranked than the face up card then your staked amount is doubled. If it is lower ranked than the face up card then you lose the staked amount.

You have to decide whether you want to opt for the gamble feature or move ahead without activating it. If you have already won more than your bet in the online slots spin there is no point in risking the payout in the gamble game. Otherwise the choice depends upon your risk taking propensity.

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