USA Online Gambling Update

October 11, 2013

It only seems like yesterday that we first started reporting on the fact that Nevada had begun accepting applications for online gambling licenses from both online casino operators and other online gambling related companies. However in reality, it has been more than a year since Nevada, shortly followed by Delaware and New Jersey, began making noises about legalizing online gambling, and allowing online casino operators to set up shop within their borders.

In truth, we believed that it would be Nevada that would be the first USA state to allow online gambling, legally, for its residents. But it seems that Nevada is now lagging behind, and that New Jersey will no doubt be the very first State of America to legalize specific online casino sites, and online gambling related companies for local residents.

How soon will New Jersey make online gambling legal? Well it has been stated that the first legal online casino in New Jersey will be able to operate by the end of November. This is a year or more since we first heard the news that New Jersey was considering following the example set by Nevada, and allowing locally licensed online casino sites to offer their services to residents of the state.

So what happened to Nevada and Delaware? Well things have been quiet, but it does seem that both Nevada and Delaware are extremely close on the heels of New Jersey, and both will soon be allowing legalized online gambling at selected online casino sites within their borders. Indeed, many of the companies that will begin operating in New Jersey, such as the major online poker sites, are likely to also be granted licenses in both Nevada and Delaware, as well as any other states of the USA that decide to legalize online gambling in the future.

So that’s where we are at the moment with regard to the legalization of online gambling in America. New Jersey will begin to allow specific online casinos to offer online gambling services to its residents towards the end of November. With both Delaware and Nevada moving towards a similar situation in the coming weeks. We can only hope that the examples set by New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, will inspire other states of America to follow a similar route in the coming months, making legal online gambling much more accessible to American citizens.

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