What Can Online Slots Offer?

January 6, 2012

Online slots have become increasingly more popular with online casino customers over the last twelve months. Much of the rise in popularity of online slots can be attributed to two major factors. Firstly, the technology used to drive online slots is becoming more and more advanced, allowing online casinos to deliver a much more graphically rich gaming experience. Secondly, the availability of mobile slots, which allow online casino customers to play online slots anywhere, as long as they own a compatible mobile device.

However, there are still a vast number of slots fans who visit a real world casino regularly, to play casino slots. Many of these people will never have considered switching to online slots. A percentage of these casino slots players enjoy the social aspects of visiting a casino. For these people, online slots hold little attraction. Yet for a large percentage, switching to online slots would present them with some major benefits, we outline these below:

* Play from home – Online slots players do not need to travel to a casino to play, they simply switch on their PC and away they go.

* Reduced costs – Most people playing casino slots will purchase food and refreshments from the casino whilst playing. Switching to online slots removes this expense, simply walk in to the kitchen and fix a snack when you need one!

* Better bankroll management – Instead of carrying a pocket full of cash, which can become hard to keep track of, online slots players are always aware of the health of the bankroll at all times.

* Stable payout percentage – Casino slots can be tweaked, changing the payout percentage and making some slots hot and others cold. Online slots offer a single, unchanging payout percentage regardless of how much the slot has paid out, or how much profit it has generated.

* Bigger jackpots – There can be no doubt that the online slots progressive jackpot networks are beginning to outstrip their casino slots counterparts in terms of jackpot payouts. Online slots are where the big money is these days.

So there we have it, some pretty compelling reasons why casino slots players should consider switching over to playing online slots. It is unlikely that online slots will ever entirely replace casino slots, but they are now a very good alternative to dragging yourself off to a busy, expensive real world casino.

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