Where is All Slots Heading?

December 13, 2013

We often feature news and information about All Slots online casino, as it is one of the best online slot focused online gambling sites around. Indeed, we think it is hard to beat All Slots online casino if you are a video slot fan.

However, consider for a moment, the fact that the global online gambling market is worth something in the region of $30 billion each year by current estimates. This means that by focusing only on video slot game, All Slots online casino is missing out on potentially millions of dollars, in revenue from other types of online gambling.

So when we heard that All Slots online casino is set to start diversifying, and offering other types of online gambling, alongside its every popular video slot casino, we were not really very surprised. Indeed, we find it hard to believe that All Slots has not done this before.

Let’s just take a look at what All Slots online casino offers online gambling fans currently. It is the largest Microgaming powered online slot games operator, and it has a great mobile slots app that is compatible with Apple iOS, Google Android and even Blackberry OS. On top of this, All Slots is eCOGRA accredited, with an enviable reputation for great service.

All Slots offers, as stated above, the full range of Microgaming video slot games, as well as a selection of other online gambling games including live dealer poker, roulette and blackjack.

We have just heard that All Slots online casino is set to start offering sports betting services, which will round out the online gambling services it offers quite nicely. Indeed, All Slots is turning into a pretty mainstream online gambling site.

So how does this affect us online slot fans? Will All Slots begin to lose its distinctive video slot flavor as it adds additional online gambling services? Or will it maintain its focus on online slot games, and simply see the additional online gambling options it is offering as an add-on?

Either way, we are willing to bet that All Slots online casino will continue to go from strength to strength. It still remains the top video slot casino around, and this looks unlikely to change, despite the fact that it is branching out into other areas of the online gambling market.

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