Why Play Classic Slots?

July 1, 2012

One of the really great things about being an online slots fan, is that no matter which online casino you choose to play at, there are always a range of completely different online slots available, and this includes progressive slots, themed slots and classic slots. We take a look at the top five reasons to play classic slots over the other types.

1 - Classic slots are easy to learn – Classic slots have fewer complicated gameplay features than other types of online slots They will not usually have a bonus feature available, and this lack of a confusing bonus feature makes them very easy to learn. They will also not usually have other features such as wild symbols, although it should be noted that some classic slots do include wild symbols, much like themed slots in operation.

2 - Classic slots wins are simpler to understand – Unlike themed online slots, which may have as many as five reels and dozens of win lines, classic slots usually only have three reels, and just nine pay lines. This means that it is far simpler to see just what you spun in on the reels to produce a win. This is great for people who are new to video slots, as it makes the learning curve far less steep.

3 - Classic slots are cheaper to play – Most online casinos offer classic slots that are much cheaper to play than progressive slots and themed slots. The minimum wager can be as low as just $0.05, which makes playing classic slots the most cost effective option by far for people who want to extend their bank roll as much as possible.

4 - Classic slots offer great wins for the price – Spin in a top of the board win on a classic slot and you will pull in a major win. This is because there are fewer symbols, less pay lines and fewer reels, so overall all wins pay more than similar wins playing themed online slots.

5 - Classic slots are better for instant play – No bonus feature, heavy graphical content or other gameplay features such as wild symbols and free spins means that downloading classic slots is much faster than other types of video slots. Indeed, most classic slots take less than 30 seconds to download using an online casino instant play platform.

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