Zynga Looking Up

February 26, 2013

Towards the end of last year we tipped Zynga to be one of the hottest online gambling software developers of the coming year. We stated the fact that Zynga was making the move from Facebook free to play online gambling games to pay to play online casino games as the major reason for this. Zynga has seen a massive 50% increase in share price since the 1st of January this year, so this pretty much proves our prediction to be true.

On Monday, Zynga saw a huge jump in its share price of 10%, and this is no doubt due to the announcement that the State of Nevada had legalized online gambling within its borders. Zynga had already applied to the Nevada Gaming Control Board for an online casino license some time back, and has made no secret of the fact it fully intends to launch a range of online slot games on its own online casino site as soon as possible.

Add to this the two following facts, a) Zynga recently renegotiated its contract with Facebook to make the distinction between the two companies cleared, and b ) Zynga Elite Slots, the companies new free to play video slot app, has been a massive hit. Combined, these give us a pretty good indication of how close Zynga is to entering the pay to play online casino market.

Also, let’s not forget he deal that Zynga signed with online poker heavyweight Bwin.Party last year, to provide online poker and other online casino games on its website. Indeed, Zynga has been laying down the moves quite heavily when it comes to maneuvering itself into position to begin competing with the big boys in online slot casinos. We think that the new Zynga online gambling site is only just around the corner.

With Nevada legalizing online gambling, Zynga is now obviously ready to forge ahead, as it really can only be a matter of time as many more States of America start to follow the lead of Nevada, and make online casino play within their borders legal. Companies like Zynga are set to cash in on what will probably become the single largest domestic online gambling market in the world within the next few months.

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